20th Anniversary: 托起彩虹的世界

DESIGNER: Chen Yuchen
YEAR: 2018
CLIENT: Jiaxing Nanhu International Experimental School

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Jiaxing Nanhu International Experimental School founding, a series of events and publications are launched with a cohesive visual identity. Our initial desire to design an event visual identity with featuring the school proofed possible because as we studied the structure of landmark sculptures in school, we realized that the sculptures themselves is a logo. The logo is a clean and distinct design with only two figures that denote the number “20”, it have both the function of information communicating and decorative as a character image.
Meanwhile, we’ve designed a whole set of visual proposals which include: invitation letter, poster, handbag, name tag, ceiling hanger, and site decoration. Through illustration and color, the anniversary event visual identity design create a friendly atmosphere, giving a more interesting and familiar feeling for students, parents and teachers.